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Duration: 7month

Farm unit price: RWF 85000 or USD* 96

Units left: 0

Returns on Investment(ROI): 25%

Location: BUGESERA

* USD 1 = Rwf 890

Supported payments

1.Mtn Mobile Money
2.And bank deposits**

Currency: RWF
Bank name : Equity Bank Rwanda
Account name : FarmPal Ltd
Account number : 4002200575657

Currency : USD
Bank name : Equity bank Rwanda
Account name: FARMPAL LTD
Swift code : EQBLRWRW
Account number : 4002200575659
** Please E-mail us your proof of payment

Farm Information

Number of units

Enter the number of farm units to see the Return on Investment


RWF 85000

Return on Investment (25%)

RWF 21250

Total Payback *

RWF 106250

* Subject to transaction cost at checkout.

Investment & Returns

You can invest in as many farm units as available.

The more you invest in, the more you earn back, and the more smallholder farmers empowered!

Why invest in Dry Hybrid Chilli ?

On top of a lucrative domestic market fueled by a booming population, growing middle class, and rapid urbanization, the government of Rwanda has identified horticulture as a major export priority. Chilli is one of the most lucrative specialty Crops that have quickly responded to fast-growing global opportunities driven by demand from China, India, the Middle East, and Europe. FarmPal has negotiated a fair share in the market and we are excited to extend this opportunity to investors, with the aim of empowering smallholder farmers while making a profit. It is an agricultural revolution and you want to be part of it!

What will your investment cover ?

1) Land leasing

2) Farm inputs ( improved seeds, Fertilizers, Crop protection agents)

3) Farm equipments rental

4) Labour

5) Logistics ( to get inputs to the field and harvest to the market)

6) Crop Insuranceby UAP