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Step 1

Create an account

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To pick a farm and invest, just click on "See all farms"


Step 3


Keep calm while we farm and get your profit at the end of the farming cycle.

Popular Questions

You can invest in as much farm units as available. The more you invest in , the more profit you get after harvest (PAH).
A farm unit is the minimum you can invest in .
You get regular updates on the farm project you invested in until harvest.
The expected profit will be specific to the farm project you invest in but generally it will range from 15 to 25 percent of your initial investment.
This information will be provided for every farm.
You are helping in raising a much needed capital to keep our beloved farmers and Youth agripreneurs in employment. You are key to our vision of a Rwanda free from hunger and Poverty.
You are a conerstone towards our mission to revolutionise and democratize the financial system.
You are our hero. Thank you.
Goal 1. End poverty
Goal 2. Zero hunger
Goal 8. Decent work and economic growth

Supported Payments

1. MTN Mobile money

2.And bank deposits**

For RwF

Bank name : Equity Bank Rwanda
Account name : FarmPal Ltd
Account number : 4002200575657
** Please E-mail us your proof of payment


Under construction.

We are in talks with online payment service providers to bring you more convenient payment options.