About Us

FarmPal is a digital agriculture platform linking farmers and investors.
We enable people to invest in agricultural projects of their choice,
earn a profit while empowering farmers.
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Profit on investment

Farm investors can get 15 to 25% returns on their original investments!

Farmers empowered

We are providing a much needed friendly capital to make farming a profitable business

Improving Food Security

We are helping to improve agricultural productivity and consequently a better access to food

Tackling Poverty

Compared to other sectors, investing in agric is 2 to 4x more effective in tackling poverty (World Bank)

How it Works


Step 1

Create an account

To create your account, just click on "Register"


Step 2


To pick a farm and invest, just click on "See all farms"


Step 3


Keep calm while we farm and get your profit at the end of the farming cycle.

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